Memokath™028 - The BPH solution
An excellent choice for patients who are not willing to or unable to go through major surgery and for younger patients who are nervous about undergoing surgery and risking severe side effects.

Memokath™ - Avoid surgery or other high risk alternatives when suffering from BPH
The Memokath™ 028 stent is manufactured from a thermo-expandable (NiTi) material, it’s easy and simple to insert and it is easily exchanged.

Memokath Prostatic stent is a Minimally Invasive Treatment used for either semi-permanent or permanent treatment of patients with prostatic obstruction and enlargement.

The procedure
The procedure is fast and easy and it is performed with either a flexible or a rigid cystoscope, or using a catheter. The Memokath 028 stent is not prone to tissue in-growth - there is low risk of infection compared to alternative treatment. The procedure is carried out on a day case basis and the whole procedure normally takes 20-30 minutes.
Normally patients can empty their bladder immediately after Memokath™ placement and continue daily routines.

Need for preparation prior to the insertion?
Usually the treatment requires local anesthesia. 

Will I feel pain during the procedure?
Usually The Memokath™ stent is inserted using local anesthesia protecting from pain during the procedure. 

Will I feel pain after the procedure?
Normally the treatment is gentle and without significant pain but you may experience a bit of irritation after the treatment. Usually no wound needs to heal as the stent in most cases is inserted through the urinary tract. Blood in the urine may occur. 

Prostatic stent is recommended by:

EAU (European Association of Urology)
JUA (The Japanese Urology Association)
SBU (Statens beredning för medicinsk utvärdering - Sweden)
AUA (American Urology Association of Urology)


Benign or Malignant Enlargement of the Prostate (BPH - prostate cancer):
a)      Patients advised to avoid surgery due to the use of medication, patients suffering from co-morbidities which may cause at
         high medical risk
b)      Patients who do not wish to undergo surgery.
c)      Permanently catheterized patients.
d)     High risk patients (TUR-P).
e)      As a palliative treatment of prostate cancer.
f)       To provide temporary relief of obstruction until the prostate gland has been shrunk by hormonal manipulation or EBRT
          when suffering from prostate cancer.
g)      Elderly or frail patients with advanced BOO, due to either benign or malignant enlargement of prostate.
h)      When other kinds of MIT treatment is not an option (i.e. rectum stump, hip contractures etc.).
i)       Big volume prostate where surgery may be associated with high risk.
j)       Prostatic Enlargement associated with Alzheimer and dementia.

 Advantages with Memokath™
• Patient risks are minimized – patients avoid impotence and incontinence.
• Fast procedure.
• Easy to insert and exchange when needed
• Fast recovery, patients return to their daily routines shortly after the treatment.
• Out-patient treatment.
• Significant symptom relief.
• Long term treatment for BPH and prostate cancer obstruction.
• Improvement of patient's quality of life, thanks to inert biocompatible material and the unique design making Memokath the   
   safest stent to stay in situ for years.
• No general anesthesia, no surgery, no catheterization required, no tissue in-growth.
• Immediate symptom relief after stent insertion and normal voluntary urination control.
• Quick day case treatment.
• Reduction in IPSS score and normal urine flow should be expected upon successful Memokath™ insertion.
• Memokath™ is well tolerated by patients.
• Easy to insert and easy to exchange if necessary at any time.
• Minimal risk of infection compared to alternative treatment.

Technical information:
The Memokath™ expands in one end.
TW version for use with rigid cystoscope

Both Prostate Memokath™ expands from CH24 to CH42 in the distal end.
The Memokath™ comes in 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm lengths. Other lengths are available on request.
Memokath™028 - Prostate

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