Memokath™ 044 - The URETHRAL STRICTURE solution

The Memokath™044 Urethral solution is an excellent choice to avoid self-catheterisation used for either semi-permanent or permanent treatment or to avoid surgery for patients suffering from recurrent urethral strictures of the bulbous urethra.
Contrary to "mesh stents" or other stents, the Memokath™, due to its unique tightly coil structure, is designed to avoid transmural in-growth of the surrounding tissue. Seem to allow complete urethral re-growth in the previously stricture area by compressing the urethral scar tissue to creation of totally epithelialized urethra.

The procedure

Insertion of the Memokath™ 044 Urethral stent is quick, with very few - if any - minor side effects and immediate effect on symptoms. The procedure is suited for day-case patients and Memokath 044 does not interfere with normal bladder control. 

The whole procedure normally takes 30-45 minutes.
The stent is designed to remain endoluminal in the urethra long enough to allow complete urothelial re-growth and stabilization of the urethral lumen in the previously stricture area, and in most cases the urethral lumen remains patent after removal of the stent.


Urethral strictures (Bulbar).

Advantages with Memokath™

• Reversible procedure.
• Outpatient procedure.
• Long term patency.
• Minimal risk of servere complications.
• Avoiding surgical procedures.
• Cost effective.
• Treatment of patients with recurrent urethral stricture.
• No catheterization required.
• No major reconstructive surgical interference required.
• Immediate symptom relief upon insertion.
• Easy to insert and remove if necessary at any time.
• Memokath™ is well tolerated by most patients.
• 18%-20% of the strictures will and have been resolved by using the Memokath™044.
• The largest study conducted on stents in US with a very high success rate.
• Minimal risk of infection compared to alternative treatment.
• Significantly improved QOL.

 Technical information
The bulbar Memokath™ comes in one version only and expands in one end. The version is called TW and it is used with the optic from a rigid cystoscope.

Expands from CH24 to CH42 in the proximal end.

The stent comes in the following lengths: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 mm on request.
Memokath™ 044 - The URETHRAL STRICTURE solution

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