Memokath™ 045 - The URETHRAL STRICTURE solution

The Memokath™045 Urethral solution is indicated for treatment of patients with recurrent urethral strictures of the penile urethra and patients with bladder neck challenges.


The insertion of the Memokath™ 045 stent is quick with minor side effects - if any - as well as immediate effect on symptoms. The whole procedure normally takes 30-45 minutes.
The stent is easy and simple to insert and it may easily be exchanged as it is not prone to tissue in-growth with low risk of infection compared to alternative treatment.
The stent is designed to remain endoluminal in the urethra long enough to allow complete urothelial re-growth and stabilization of the urethral lumen in the previously strictured area and the urethral lumen remains patent after removal of the Memokath™ in most cases.

•  Penile urethral strictures.
•  Bladder neck stricture.

Advantages of Memokath™ treatment

•  Immediate symptom relief – you will be able to urinate freely after the treatment.
•  Minimal pain and discomfort – you can normally leave the hospital on the day of treatment.
•  Minimal risk of infection.
•  You can have a normal sex life with the stent inserted.

Technical information

•  The Memokath™045 expands in both ends. It comes in two versions; TW and TTW - both for use with rigid cystoscope
•  The TW Memokath™ expands in both ends from CH24 to CH42 to be used from internal to external sphincters in cases of
    spinal cord injury aiming to avoid major irreversible operations like Sphincterotomy or to relieve retention caused by 
    stricture at the bladder neck level aiming to avoid long term catheterization and improve patient's QOL.
•  The TTW version expands from CH24 to CH42 in the proximal end and from CH24 to CH33 in the distal end for penile
    urethral strictures.

The Memokath™045 comes in the following lengths: 0.5 (only TW), 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm.
Memokath™ 045 - The URETHRAL STRICTURE solution

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